日期: 2013-11-29
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Travel is a channel for us to know the world and the scenery on those travels is for us to understand nature. Wherever we go, we can record what’s around us. In the photo collection we keep,  you’ll see the blend of our travels and the things we’ve seen. Our photos are well conceived and blended with emotion, creating a touching picture. Before the twenty-first century, the competition for these photos stayed only on the two-dimensional level. It was the rare photos that got the affection of and fascination. The mission of Polaroid Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera is to subvert the traditional plane effect and achieve Polaroid 360-degree seamless space imaging. The vitality of all lives at sunrise and the romance of twilight will be restored in a Polaroid 360-degree space by one touch with a panoramic camera. Each corner will be integrated with photographic art, and the user's true feelings will be precisely transmitted. For the users, the exquisite 105 × 43 × 23mm body design and 80g portable weight have made the camera a travel pocket camera of super performance, and it is no travel burden at all. The 1000mAh lithium battery fully meets the users' need of long battery life. The users can enjoy a perfect travel experience without any worry about battery life. From now on, the beautiful scenery around you is no longer just a picture, but an impression deep into your heart.

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