日期: 2013-11-29
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The birth of the Internet has completely changed the ways of human education. Remote education relies on Internet and has become a tool for innovation in modern education field. People are constantly thinking about how to improve the teaching quality across all educational fields. In this area of breakthrough, Polaroid delivers the goods and provides the education industry with a satisfactory reference answer. The Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera can help the education industry to subvert the communication experience of the traditional education system and let users feel the cross-time and -space teaching methods. The teaching contents of courses such as medicine, surgery, dance, chemistry, physics and geography have the opportunity to become vividly wonderful and totally immersive. At the same time, when a teacher talks about the colorful corals in the deep ocean or the spectacular of the big migration of African gnus, the Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera and VR technology effects will lead the students to the scene quickly. It is expected that with high quality VR a new education mode will be realized soon in the future.

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