日期: 2013-11-29
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The Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera uses a wireless connection with a mobile phone through the built-in WiFi, the transmission distance can reach 25m, and it is also equipped with its own exclusive mobile phone APP (kacha360) to help users carry out long-distance shooting and real-time preview, editing and sharing, allowing the users to immerse themselves into the joy of sharing life. At the same time, the maximum resolution for the Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera to shoot photos is 3008 × 1504, and it is able to record videos with a maximum resolution of 1920 ×960. The built-in micro SD card supports a capacity of up to 128GB after expansion, so the users do not need to worry about memory capacity. At the scene of a concert, the users can easily use a Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera to carry out panoramic shooting. The extreme HD space shooting makes people feel just like on the scene themselves so that distance can evaporate and one can feel the hot atmosphere on the scene and share the joy.

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