At sports games
日期: 2013-11-29
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In this world there are always extreme sports which you want to but are afraid to participate in. Even though you often have in your mind the impulse to try but do not dare easily betray your body and set foot.

The Polaroid 360 degree panoramic camera can show the extremely cool aspect of sports. For example, a variety of popular sports such as football, basketball, water sports, parachuting and bungee jumping can be recorded by Polaroid 360 degree panoramic camera. At the same time, the camera can also cooperate with the drones for aerial photography and record unusual and exciting visual scenes. For underwater shooting, waterproof shell is equipped to relieve concerns about water damage. You can choose whichever watch mode and watch wonderful space pictures, which instantly help you erase the traditional plane memory. The brand-new visual angle will take the people around you into dynamic roles of extreme sports in one second, and together you can experience the exciting moments which are never experienced before.。

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