Security System
日期: 2017-04-28
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As the user's second pair of eyes or as a special tool to record the scene, the Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera will not let the user down. The external part of the camera is equipped with a crisscross style and dual-mode set fisheye lens of 210 degree wide-angle and F2.4 aperture. At the same time, the interior of the fisheye lens uses 8 groups of optical lens, which goes through 30 pre-production tests and multiple process polishing. The lens will display ultra HD optical glasses for the users, so that the camera has a better light entering effect by shooting and the color will be restored with a higher authenticity. Coupled with the Polaroid 360-degree seamless panoramic security monitoring, the fine details in every corner of the scene can be captured timely. In this way, not only more valuable information on the scene can be collected, but also a more efficient guarantee can be provided for security monitoring.

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