case work / 案例作品
  • Travel is a channel for us to know the world and the scenery on those travels is for us to understand nature. Wherever we go, we can record what’s around us. In the photo collection we keep,  you’ll see the blend of our travels and the things we’ve seen. Our photos are well conceived and b...
  • Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera is not only suitable for family life, but is also able to bring infinite commercial value to businesses and services. Businesses can share panoramic photos to the major social networking platforms in one touch, bringing their users new Polaroid 360-degree seamles...
  • In this world, there are extreme sports which are thrilling to watch, but sometimes too dangerous to participate in. While you may have the impulse to try, you do not dare betray your body and set foot. The Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera can show the extremely cool aspect of sports without eve...
  • The Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera uses a wireless connection with a mobile phone through the built-in WiFi, the transmission distance can reach 25m, and it is also equipped with its own exclusive mobile phone APP (kacha360) to help users carry out long-distance shooting and real-time preview,...
  • Weddings are one of life’s most important moments. A new-generation camera will record a wedding in Polaroid 360-degree and show a new page of life, the promise of love, and the experience of joy. The camera will cooperate with panoramic aerial photography, VR technology and sharing to create a new ...
  • The birth of the Internet has completely changed the ways of human education. Remote education relies on Internet and has become a tool for innovation in modern education field. People are constantly thinking about how to improve the teaching quality across all educational fields. In this area of br...
  • As the user's second pair of eyes or as a special tool to record the scene, the Polaroid 360-degree panoramic camera will not let the user down. The external part of the camera is equipped with a crisscross style and dual-mode set fisheye lens of 210 degree wide-angle and F2.4 aperture. At the same ...
4 preview modes switching freely
  • Planet mode

  • Wide angle mode

  • Spherical mode

  • VR mode

Our first (Polaroid) VR 360 camera
  • Smart appearance & easy to be carried

  • Wifi connection

  • User friendly with APP operation

  • Special dual lens design

  • A click share to social networks

  • Drone mode

  • Shooting underwater with specific waterproof kits

  • Extreme sports shooting

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