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05 - 11
Pushed forward by the wave of panoramic cameras, Polaroid, the 80-year-old camera brand, launched its VR panoramic camera R360, which will enter Broadway HK for exclusive sale.To make more VR camera fans experience this camera, Polaroid initiated a crowdfunding on JD for R360, which achieved over 281% of completion rate and had 5785 supporters on the very first day.Polaroid R360’s front and rear lens are 210°dual-fisheye lens, which can realize two-way 360° shooting. Supported by the double-faced 8-layer HD optical lens, it can shoot HD images with up to 5M pixels. It provides four s...
02 - 06
LAS VEGAS –JanuaryX, 2018-Polaroid is debuting the Polaroid Master 3D 360 camera, a professional grade 360 camera available exclusively in Asia, at CES 2018. The Polaroid Master was designed to capture moments in true 3D panorama, offering an immersive experience ideal for VR content. The camera will be on display in the Polaroidbooth (#16615 in Central Hall)at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 9-12.“For 80 years Polaroid has been committed to delivering the latest imaging technology to consumers, and we are excited to bring our first professional ...
06 - 12
Polaroid is an 80-year-old imaging company with its brands including Pailide.The biggest glamour of Polaroid "Pailide" is the expectation for photographic paper developing after pressing the shutter.Through 80 years of research and development for imaging technology, Polaroid has accumulated profound technical background, and always been upgrading to take the leading edge of this industry.Recent years, VR (virtual reality) technology has been widely applied, inspiring many manufacturers to launch VR cameras, under the circumstance of which, Polaroid, a veteran in camera industry, tim...
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