Polaroid Debuts the Polaroid Master Professional 3D 360 Camera Exclusively for the Asian Market at C
日期: 2018-02-06
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LAS VEGAS –JanuaryX, 2018-Polaroid is debuting the Polaroid Master 3D 360 camera, a professional grade 360 camera available exclusively in Asia, at CES 2018. The Polaroid Master was designed to capture moments in true 3D panorama, offering an immersive experience ideal for VR content. The camera will be on display in the Polaroidbooth (#16615 in Central Hall)at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 9-12.

宝丽来携新品-Polaroid Master专业级 3D 360全景相机亮相CES 2018年展会

“For 80 years Polaroid has been committed to delivering the latest imaging technology to consumers, and we are excited to bring our first professional grade 3D 360 camera to the Asian market with the launch of the Polaroid Master,” said Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid. “With the rise in the demand for VR content in recent years, the easy-to-use Polaroid Master 360 camera makes cutting edge imaging technology accessible to enthusiasts and professionals, enabling them to create content for today’s leading VR products.”

The Polaroid Master 360 camera records professional quality 3D 360 video in ultra high definition (6200x3100 at 60 FPS) and captures 20MP panoramic still images. The Polaroid Master features four synced camera modules, ensuring  video and images taken with the camera are seamlessly  integrated. This eliminates any stitch lines or omissions and helps deliver an optimal viewing experience, even in VR. All camera modules are custom built for optimal low-light performance and HDR content. The Polaroid Master 360 camera also features four on-board microphones  and 3D Audio powered by Nokia OZO Audio technology to offer optimized spatial audio playback for 3D audio-enabled headphones and support for VR head tracking. 

宝丽来携新品-Polaroid Master专业级 3D 360全景相机亮相CES 2018年展会

Once video and images are captured, the easy-to-use Polaroid Master editing software allows anyone, no matter the skill level, to create professional quality VR content. Content captured with the Polaroid Master is also compatible with leading professional editing platforms such as Adobe Premier and 360 Magic Studio. 

Polaroid Master 3D 360相机的附加功能如下:

· 2.4” LCD menu display      

· Battery capacity of 6000 mAh for 120 min of continuous recording

· 128GB of internal memory for up to eight hours of recorded footage

· Rugged water- and dust-resistant design

· 9-Axis sensor 

· G-sensor to provide overlay data for AR and mixed reality applications      

· Wi-Fi connectivity via the Polaroid Master 360 camera app to preview footage

The Polaroid Master 3D 360 camerais offered by Profit Peak, an authorized Polaroid licensee. The camera will be on display in the Polaroid booth at CES and will be exclusively available at select retailers across Asia in March 2018 for$1,800. 

For more information about the Polaroid brand and products, please visit www.polaroid360.com.

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